The Child Rescue Centre during Ebola Outbreak

Due to the Ebola outbreak, schools in Sierra Leone were closed for eight months.  Schools reopened in April 2015.

Although schools did not reopen for the 2014-2015 school year, the CRC children continued to learn through education and enrichment classes in the community, and online curriculum offered at the School of Champions.  The School of Champions offers a mix of classroom and online education in English, Math, Integrated Science, Social Studies, and Agricultural Science to the orphaned or abandoned children who live in residence at the CRC.  Their test scores across all subjects have improved markedly after the eight months that they have attended the School of Champions.

The Child Rescue Centre also led educational outreach sessions for children in the community-based programs to help them stay engaged and connected during the closure of schools.  These sessions brought in small groups of children three times each week and offered lessons in reading and writing, Christian leadership and ethics, personal hygiene, and a cooking practicum.  Additionally, as the Ebola crisis resulted in reports of increased teen pregnancy and sexual abuse, the Child Rescue Centre offered classes in a Bible-based curriculum called “Honoring God with Your Body,” which included lessons in anatomy, responding to peer pressure, sexually transmitted disease prevention, and making good choices based on how God calls us to live.

The Child Rescue Centre also launched the CRC CARES Radio Program during the Ebola outbreak. The radio program provides a hope-filled message to children throughout the Bo community. CRC CARES offers academic lessons for elementary, junior secondary, and senior secondary students; storytelling of well known classics; interviews with local celebrities; and a powerful Gospel message to thousands of children in their homes each day.   The CRC CARES Radio Program is a unique way to reach into the homes of families impacted by the ongoing Ebola crisis to provide an uplifting message.