Growing Leaders, Saving Lives.

Helping Children Worldwide is a Christian 501(c)3 organization.

Mission Statement

Transforming communities by serving the world’s most vulnerable through education, health care, and spiritual growth.


Strong, nurturing communities where all can fulfill their God-given potential through good health and education.

Child Rescue Centre

The vision of the Child Rescue Centre is to transform the lives of children by repatriating survivors of child trafficking and forced child labor into self-sufficient, nurturing families.

Mercy Hospital

The vision of Mercy Hospital is to achieve a measurable decrease in the infant and maternal mortality rates in Sierra Leone by providing holistic, community-focused care regardless of ability to pay. To accomplish this, Mercy Hospital works collaboratively through community outreach to neighboring villages, providing programs focused on malaria treatment and prevention; HIV/AIDS awareness and education, testing and counseling; nutrition clinics for children under five years old; and prenatal care.

Helping Children Worldwide is a 501 © 3 nonprofit organization.  
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